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Tanisha’s 5 NICU Tips

Tanisha Wormley holding NICU baby, Jaleel
Tanisha, a NICU mom

1. Ask if your children’s hospital has guest services. Guest services can help you apply for financial programs to lower hospital costs, receive hospital food vouchers, and book reservations to Ronald McDonald House.

2. Ask if your hospital has a Child Life program, which helps you save memories of your child’s medical milestones through arts and crafts. This program also advertises NICU support events.

3. If you have difficulty understanding your child’s medical care plan, request a care conference with the care team until you understand the plan for your child’s care. Ask if there are medical residents willing to call you daily to give medical updates on your child’s progress.

4. Attend daily medical rounds to hear your child’s care plan for the day. Express your concerns during this meeting with the doctors, and ask for your care team’s contact information just in case you forget to ask something.

5. Ask the NICU nurses if you can assist them with anything so that you can be more comfortable with your child’s care prior to discharge.

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