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Dear Son, you will overcome this battle of CKD.

You gave us a great 7-month run healthy and happy. We knew in advance that CKD can have an ugly side sometimes, but for the most part we choose to remain hopeful. We make it a goal to stay positive because we know you feed off our energy. We can choose to remain frustrated. We can even ask Why Me? a billion times, but WILL that serve us well? We would rather see the rainbow before the storm. See the light in the darkness. See the calmness in the crash of the waves. We knew this was a marathon, not a sprint before we signed up to go the distance. The truth is that we are only granted one power in this battle. We can control our mindset. How we think about the medical news? Will we remain positive or negative? The rest of the control is up to God. This is where faith is walked not just studied. This is where we trust that all things will work out even when the doctors are not certain. This is where we bend, but don’t break. This is how we win and remain on TOP because we know that each experience has a beginning and a end. Spiritual wisdom tells us that seasons change. Therefore, you will feel better. You are already healing. You are Greatness & Courageous. A powerful force to be reckon with. You will Conquer Chronic Kidney Disease. It will not conquer you. You will do great works on this earth for God’s glory. You will always have your Mama and Dada in your boxing corner as you match up against chronic illness. Remember your strength is within and your ability to smile in adversity. Remember that you were born different to make the greatest difference. God has since day 1 performed great miracles through your life. Each day greater works happen. Take a sip of water, move your feet, and keep your gloves UP in the Air Champion! We love you!- Dada & Mama #AlwaysWinning#TKOCKD

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