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Mom & Baby Girl
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Tanisha Burke-Wormley

Free 15 minute Medical Mommy Rant Zoom Call

Medical Mom Motivation to Manage Caregiving in your current Medical Chaos

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On Call NICU Mom Support 30 min Zoom Call

This package will help NICU Moms receive NICU Resources, Medical Mom Tips to Bond with NICU Miracle, Breastfeeding Advice, and How to do Selfcare in Medical Chaos 

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Coming Home from NICU 60 min Zoom Call

This package includes the Dos/Don’ts Before NICU discharge, caregiving community resources, how to manage medical information for your medically-complexed child, and the Power of Delegation.

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Medical Mom Meltdown 90 min Zoom Call

This package includes customized strategies of Medical Mom Selfcare, guidance in achieving medical mom breaks, encouraging resources to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends, and figuring out what resources are available for your NICU graduate to achieve educational goals. 

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