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Tanisha Burke-Wormley
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Tanisha Burke-Wormley is a proud wife, Mom of 3, and Mompreneur.


Like most first-time moms, Tanisha was excited to become a mother. She had no clue her motherhood journey would be different than most. At 20 weeks pregnant, she found out her expected baby had a rare condition called “Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction,” which is life-threatening. The doctor in Little Rock provided no hope for the diagnosis. Tanisha and her husband refused to give up. They were referred to Cincinnati Children’s to exhaust all options to save their son’s life. 


Tanisha knew her son’s story needed to be shared to encourage LUTO Moms. She earned her Master’s in Mass Communications while spending 157 days in the NICU with her miracle Jaleel. Her professors encouraged her to create a project for NICU Moms.

Tanisha created “Medical Moms of NICU,” a Facebook Support Group to help NICU Moms navigate the medical system with ease. She sponsored 21 NICU Moms to receive “All About Mom,” selfcare giveaways thanks to the NSLS Alumni Scholarship. 


Tanisha received Instagram messages thanking her for sharing Jaleel’s story. Using her Master’s Degree, “TKO CKD: My Fight to Live" will become a Children’s book series. 


To connect with Tanisha further, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok @medicalmomsofnicu 

Purchase your copy of TKO CKD

Paper back $20 | Hardcover $30


Book Introduction: This Children’s Book is dedicated to our son’s journey to Conquer Chronic Kidney Disease. This book will hopefully build self-confidence for kidney warriors like Jaleel, who are fighting chronic illness invisible to the eyes. It will also spread awareness for babies “fighting to live,” due to a rare condition called, “Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction.” LUTO is life-threatening to babies because it damages the lungs, kidneys, and bladder. 




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