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Moms of NICU you are not alone.

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Hello Medical Mom of NICU!

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My name is Tanisha Burke-Wormley. I help Medical Moms of NICU worldwide manage caregiving for their medically-complexed miracle during the NICU and after the NICU journey.


My welcome to motherhood journey came with many twists and turns after experiencing a previous miscarriage. My NICU graduate of Kidney Disease, Jaleel, was discharged from the NICU with mass medications, a feeding tube pump, dialysis supplies, dialysis machine, and dressing supplies to name a few. I loss myself advocating for my NICU miracle in the hospital, and caregiving around the clock after hospital discharge. I essentially became a “Medical Mom of NICU.” 

 It took 4 years to rediscover myself spiritually, develop a healthy self care routine, and overcome the postpartum depression struggles of NICU trauma and juggling pandemic parenting 2 under 2 after recurring miscarriages. Thanks to renewing my relationship with Jesus Christ, I rediscovered that these medical challenges were birthing new passion projects that would help bring JOY after sorrow to NICU Moms worldwide.


Today, I share Medical Mom Motivation that there is purpose after pain every MMONday aka Medical Mom of NICU Day on Medical Moms of NICU Podcast and Thankful Thursdays on all social media platforms. 

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Postpartum Depression affects 1 in 7 women after giving birth.

Postpartum depression according to March of Dimes is a medical condition that many women get after having a baby. Its strong feelings of sadness, anxiety (worry) and tiredness that last for a long time after giving birth. PPD can happen any time after childbirth. It often starts within 1 to 3 weeks of having a baby. It needs treatment to get better.


Some of the Common Symptoms

  • Having little interest in things you normally like to do

  • Extreme Fatigue

  • Increase and Decrease of Appetite

  • Loss of Concentration

  • Unable to Bond with Baby

  • Thinking about hurting yourself or baby


If you are struggling with support during pregnancy, postpartum, and baby loss please check out Ujima Maternity Network for doula, midwifery, and lactation support. 

Click Link to Connect to a Portal of Birthworkers

In our Medical Momunity we help NICU Moms, Life after NICU Moms, and Medical Moms of Medically-Complexed Miracles navigate the medical system with ease with NICU resources, medical advice from medical experts, and colorful medical mom stories of inspiration.


Join Medical Momunity to Celebrate Medical Milestones of Your Miracle


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